English Learner Program Title III/LEP

Last Updated: 3/28/2022 4:38 PM

The Parma School District serves 80+ students who are identified as English Learners. Using Content Classes with Integrated ESL Support as the LIEP Model, K-12 teachers provide language instruction that uses content as a medium for building language skills. The links below contain program information, and resources for K-12 teachers, students, and parents. 


English Learner Program Manual

  • Use the manual as a tool to navigate the EL program at the district and state. The manual answers the questions,
    • What is the English Learner Program? 
    • How do I know who is an English Learner?
    • What do parents need to know?
    • What responsibilities do teachers have?
    • Where can I get more information?

Resources for K-12 Teachers

Colorin Colorado

Resources for EL Students compiled for Parma K-12 Teachers

Teaching Recommendations from the Idaho State Department of Education

  • Teaching Academic Content and Literacy to English Learners in the Elementary and Middle School Grades
    • Recommendation 1: Academic Vocabulary
    • Recommendation 2: Oral and Written Language Integration
    • Recommendation 3: Written Language Skill Development
    • Recommendation 4: Small-group Intervention


Resources for Parents and Students

Storyline Online

  • The website streams videos featuring prominent actors reading children's books.

Idaho State Department of Education

  • The State Department of Education organized academic resources for use by families and educators.


Idaho at a Glance Policy Briefs

Highlights research specific to Idaho's housing, Hispanic & Latinx population, Idaho's English Learners, Idaho's Migratory students, Title III Consortium and other topics.

Federal Guidance

​​​​​​English Learners Program Title III State Department of Education