Parma SD Introduces a NEW Gifted and Talented Program

GT Introduction Cover Page

What will the GT kids be learning in Parma? 

1.) Foster inquiry and develop a commitment to learning as a lifelong process.
2.) Develop skills of persistence, flexibility in thinking, social intelligence, original thinking, risk taking, and inquisitiveness.
3.) Encourage the development of self-understanding, i.e., recognizing and using one’s strengths and weaknesses, becoming self-directed, appreciating likenesses and differences between oneself and others.
4.) Facilitate the development of higher skill levels of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity, and research skills, and integrate them into the content areas.
5.) Provide for interaction with peers with similar interests and abilities.
6.) Create challenging and engaging experiences while exposing students to a variety of learning styles.
7.) Produce opportunities that enrich the curriculum and expose students to real-life experiences (i.e. field trips, guest speakers, traveling exhibits, presentations to authentic audiences).
8.) To foster the development of 21st Century Skills through the use of technology, STEAM* integration, collaboration, and Idaho Core Standards.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

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Did you know that Parma accepts parent recommendations for students in Kindergarten through 6th
grades to be tested? When a parent referral comes in, the process begins with data collection. The
GT facilitator and the teacher will compile test scores and performance examples to determine if the
student is a potential candidate. It is recommended that parents work with your child's homeroom
teacher to start the process. Teacher input is valuable because he/she sees children's strengths in
comparison to peers. Below you will see the standard process for referrals.

1. Observations - Things to consider:
 Pretests & academic performance in class
 Creative & artistic strengths
 Will your child be able to keep up in their homeroom class and miss class time while attending the
GT class?

2. Paperwork
 Teacher will fill out a school referral form.
 Parent will fill out parent referral form and permission to test form, if additional testing is needed,
and return referral and permission forms to the homeroom teacher.

3. Teacher submits paperwork to GT Facilitator
GT Facilitator will score tests, compile student’s academic performance samples, and initiate the
parent contact process.

4. Parent Communication
GT Facilitator will contact parents via phone or letter to report eligibility for services.

Download the Parent/Guardian/Teacher Referral Form, HERE. 

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