COVID-19 Information

Can my student go to school today? 
A flowchart from Nurse Barroso to help you answer that question. 


The PreventX product is something new that we are using in addition to our daily cleaning and sanitizing of highly touched surfaces.  For more information on PreventX, please click on the documents below.
Our daily cleaning product is Spic and Span and is considered a hospital grade cleaning product.  All custodians have been trained on how to use all products.  
PreventX Label.pdf

Please click on the document below for
Parma School District's Reopening Plan for the
2020 -2021 School Year.

UPDATED January COVID Plan Updated 1-15-21.pdf

Decision Tree Approved 1-15-21.pdf


Washing Hands.png

For the most up-to-date information, please visit the link below.