Legal Postings

2014-2015 Summary Statement.xls
Revised Notice of Fee Hearing 6-3-15.pdf
Notice of Budget Hearing 6-3-15.pdf
Summary Statement.pdf 5-5-2016 Negotiations.pdf Notice of Special Meeting 5-25-16.pdf Negotiations 5-25-16.pdf Notice of Budget Hearing 6-3-2016.pdf Summary Statement 2016 - 2017.pdf Notice of Fee Hearing 6-3-2016.pdf Notice of Special Meeting 9-7-16.pdf Emergency Levy 9-8-16.pdf 2015-2016 Summary Statement.pdf 3-13-17 Notice of School Trustee Election.pdf Notice of Supplemental Levy Election 5-16-17.pdf Notice of Special Meeting - Negotiations - 5-11-17.pdf Notice of Special Meeting - Negotiations 5-17-17.pdf Notice of Special Meeting 5-24-17.pdf Notice of Budget Hearing 6-1-2017.pdf Summary Statement 6-1-2017.pdf Notice of Change of Bd. Meeting 11-16-17.pdf Notice of Budget Hearing 3-21-18.pdf Notice of Budget Hearing 4-18-18.pdf Notice of Special Meeting - Negotiations 5-2-18.pdf NOTICE Special Board Meeting 5-22-18.doc Notice of Budget Hearing 6-1-18.pdf Notice of Interviews of Construction Management Firms 10-16-18.pdf Notice of Interviews of Construction Management Firms 10-24-18.pdf NOTICE of Special Board Meeting 3-21-19.pdf Notice of Budget Hearing 3-22-19.pdf Notice of Negotiations 4-17-19.pdf Notice of Negotiations 5-1-19.pdf Notice of Negotiations 5-8-19.pdf Notice of Negotiations 5-15-19.pdf NOTICE Special Board Meeting 5-23-19.doc Notice of Budget Hearing 5-31-19.pdf Notice of Special Board Meeting 6-27-19.pdf Notice of Special Meeting - Expulsion Hearing - 10-7-19.pdf