Reporting to Your Assignment

After the Application and Background Check, you will be put on the Substitute Call List. When an opening occurs, you will be contacted by the Substitute Coordinator, Emily Obenchain based off your preference of location and days of availability. Some days are planned in advance and other days are last minute, first thing in the morning. If you are available to sub at the last minute, it is important to keep your phone nearby so you don't miss the call. 

It is important to arrive a little early on the day of your assignment unless it was a short notice.  When you arrive at school, check in to the main office for the building you will be subbing at. Ask for the regular teacher's schedule and find out if there are any other duties for the day such as bus duty or cafeteria supervision. Be aware that each school will have specific rules to the duties. Student handbooks are available at the school offices. 

Parma School District is a Safe School and as such, unauthorized persons are not allowed on school grounds. You can get a photo ID from the Parma Middle School office or a temporary ID from the school secretaries. Your ID must be displayed at all times.