Substitute Duties

The substitute teacher is expected to carry out the duties of the regular classroom teacher. Your purpose is to ensure continuity of instruction until the regular teacher returns. The following are practices you should follow: 
  • When you arrive in the classroom, look for the time or bell schedule, seating charts, the teacher's lesson plans and textbooks. If lesson plans are not available, please contact an administrator for guidance. Locate crisis plans, fire drill procedures and student health concern information. 
  • Carefully follow the school's procedure for reporting absences.
  • Spend the entire day working with students. No personal work of any kind should be done. Please refrain from using your personal computing devices and cell phones in the classroom. Remember, you are legally responsible for students, equipment and materials. 
  • Carefully follow lesson plans provided to you. 
  • Supervise students at all times. 
  • Do not allow students to leave the room without permission. 
  • Never leave the classroom unattended or any student unsupervised at any time. If you need to leave the classroom, it is imperative you contact the office before doing so. 
  • Classrooms should be locked and vacated when not in use, including lunch and recesses. 
  • Exercise proper care of room keys, lesson plans, grade books and teacher's personal belongings. 
  • Do not keep any students after school without the permission of the principal. 
  • If you have any questions, consult the school office or the principal. For help with curriculum and materials, the department chair or team leader may be able to assist you. 
  • All videos must be approved by an administrator prior to student viewing. 
  • Before dismissing class, make sure students understand what homework, if any, has been assigned and when it is due. 

Ending the Day 
Wait until all students are dismissed and have left the classroom before you leave the classroom. Plan to leave the building at the end of the school day and after you have completed your assigned tasks unless  otherwise instructed. Before you leave, please do the following:
  • Leave the classroom in good order. Put things where they belong. In most cases you may have the students help with this prior to dismissal. 
  • Organize student work so the teacher will be able to find and evaluate it. 
  • Please leave a brief description of the day for the teacher. Include any concerns about student behavior or difficulty adhering to lesson plans. Accordingly, please make not of exceptional student behavior as well. Please take the time to fill out the Substitute Feedback Form (see Forms Page) each day and leave it for the classroom teacher. 
  • Check out at the mail office. Be sure your timesheet is accurate and signed. Remember, your picture ID is your responsibility to safeguard and use the next time you are called to sub. 

Employ Effective Classroom Management Techniques 
Students evaluate their substitutes' competence quickly. You will be most successful if you present a confident, organized, professional appearance and are fair and straight forward with students. You must model exemplary behavior and expect the same in return. Never return poor behavior in kind; you are the adult role model who must provide an example for students to follow. Here are some important guidelines for discipline:

  • Be professional and proactive. Anticipate conflict; try to prevent problems before they occur.
  • Treat each student as an individual. 
  • Never ridicule or embarrass a student. 
  • Conduct disciplinary discussions as privately as possible. 
  • Remain fair and objective. Avoid power struggles. 
  • Avoid group punishment. Provide group praise where it is merited. 
  • Follow through on your promises. Don't make threats. 
  • Stick to the established routine as much as possible. 
  • Never initiate physical contact with a student. DO NOT TOUCH!! 

Exercise Common Sense

  • Maintain a professional attitude toward your work, students, staff and parents. 
  • Criticism of the teacher for whom you substituted is considered unprofessional. 
  • Information about any school in which you work is confidential. Any concerns you have should be shared with the principal or Emily Obenchain. 
  • Do not share personal information, email addresses or phone numbers with students. 
  • Do not contact students outside of school. 
  • Make sure your discussions remain professional. 
  • Do not share political or religious opinions. 
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any personal student information. 
  • Personal devices should not be used during class time. Do not hook up any personal devices to the school network. 

Contact the School Office Immediately

  • There are no visitors allowed in the classrooms unless approved by the office. Visitors and guests are required to check in the school office and will be given a visitor's pass. 
  • No outside agency or person is to question or interview a student except in the presence of the principal. You have a responsibility to see that the rights of the student are not violated. 
  •  Students are not excused to leave school under any circumstances without office permission. If you believe a student should be excused, contact the office. 
  • Obtain permission from the principal before sending any notes or other communications to parents. 
  • Accidents involving any of the students in your care must be reported immediately to the office. 
  • If you are involved in an accident or injured on the job, contact the office immediately. A report must be filed before you leave the building. 
  • Students claiming to be ill should be sent immediately to the office. Contact the office via intercom prior to allowing the student to leave the classroom. 
  • Do not leave the building without prior approval of the principal. You may leave the building at lunch unless you have an assigned duty. Please sign in to and out of the building with the school secretary.