Reading-English/Language Activities

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3rd & 4th grade Epic! classes-  epic! students click here 

Get it free during class & after hours.

In addition to being free during school, students can get 2 free hours of reading per week after hours with Epic Free

  Mrs. Buckley's class code- pni5659
  Mrs. Cuevas' class code- egm1963
  Mrs. Miller's class code- nyb1316
  Mrs. Felix's class code- rub9166
  Mrs. Krohn's class code-uqm0596
  Mrs. Stimpson's class code- bha4902

2nd Grade Epic Students- 2nd Grade Epic Students click here
  Ms. Bingham's class code- nnl5878
  Mrs. Blanscet's class code- rts0710
  Mrs. Isham's class code- zpa3374
  Mrs. Murdock's class code- uus5125


K-4th grade- Audio and E-books-

K-4 Library Books, Resources, Activities- Lilischools

K-4th grade-

K-4th grade- Think Central

K-4th grade- Savvas Math

K-4th grade- Imagine Learning
School Code- 1602550

3rd-4th grade- Renaissance Place

K-4 Library Books, Resources, Activities- Lilischools

K-4th grade- Adobe Digital Books

K-6th grade-Reading IQ

Lewis & Clark Science
American Historama
Western Mining History