Message from Superintendent Winston


Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am sure no one wants another COVID message but here we are again.  The good news is that the Omicron variant is less severe than the Delta variant.  However, it seems to be more contagious.

I apologize that the categories have not been kept up to date.  Southwest District Health has not updated numbers of positive cases in school districts since December 4. 

The CDC has updated quarantine time to 5 days for a positive test, or if a person starts showing symptoms of COVID, or if you were a close contact to someone that tested positive.  Here is a link to the latest guidelines: - Quarantine Guidelines

Those who chose (or choose to do so in the future) to get the vaccine and/or booster have had ample time to do so for them and/or their student.  While this does not necessarily prevent one from contracting COVID, it is said to lessen the symptoms. (Please note that the school district is not requiring anyone to receive the vaccine.)

The district plans to proceed through the Omicron Variant wave of COVID with the following measures:

1. The District will post the numbers of positive cases each week for each school in our district (elementary, middle and high).  Please be aware of these numbers and monitor your student for symptoms.  For elementary classrooms, we will let parents know if a positive case has been in the specific classroom.  We will not be conducting any other contract tracing as we do not have the manpower to keep up.  We ask that parents and students make health-related decisions with intent of doing what is best for the district as a whole.   If you or your student have symptoms or have been a close contact, we recommend that you follow the most recent CDC guidelines.

2. If your student has symptoms, please keep them home!

3. We will not require masks, even in the red category, but we highly recommending them during this time.

The District will continue mitigation efforts that have been ongoing over the last 19 months.  Some of these efforts include changing air filters monthly, installing air sanitizers in our air handling units and spraying with PreventX monthly.

As a district we will continue to do our very best for students, staff and community.  Together we will get through and emerge stronger.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards,
Stoney T. Winston 

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