Message from Superintendent Winston


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Last night the board approved a couple of changes to the Parma School District’s COVID Plan. 

  • Face Coverings will be highly recommended, but not required, through the yellow category (1.0-4.99 average new cases daily per 10,000 based on a 14-day average in the Parma ZIP code). This was not a change from our current plan.
  • Face coverings will be required in the red category (5.0 or greater new cases daily per 10,000 based on 14-day average in the Parma ZIP code).
  • Close contacts will have the option to either:
    a) Quarantine at home (return after 7 days with a negative test or return after 10 days). Days absent for quarantine do not count against attendance, OR
    b) Attend school, but required to wear a face covering (no matter the category). Students will be monitored by school staff for symptoms over the next 10 days following the last day of close contact with the positive case.

Parents will be notified by the school if their child was a close contact so they may also monitor for symptoms.  We will no longer be relying on Southwest District Health to do this.

Our current report from Southwest District Health has the Parma ZIP code at 5.14 daily new cases per 10,000 on a 14-day average. That number puts us in the RED Category.  Therefore, on Wednesday, October 6th, we will require all staff and students to wear a face covering indoors.  We will post the numbers on the District’s Facebook page and Website by Thursday morning every week.

Please note that this is for school days only.  Athletic events after school are optional and people can choose not to come to those events.  We will continue to follow the IHSAA guidelines, which currently has no restrictions.

We hope and pray that we are hitting the peak in our community and numbers start to go down soon.

Go Panthers!

Stoney Winston
Superintendent Parma School District

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